Der, der bis 10 Minuten vor dem Anschlag in Berlin am Breitscheidplatz war. Bitte auf der Zunge zergehen lassen.

Es liegt alles offen. Nur wir glauben es nicht. Oder kriegen es nicht zusammen.

Covert Action for Toppling the Gaddafi Regime

By March 23, 2011


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: While Western powers have stepped in to enforce the UN Security Council’s ’no fly zone‘ over Libya, depriving Muammar Gaddafi of his air power alone will not ensure victory for the insurgents on the ground. Covert action, conducted by intelligence operatives, can clandestinely provide the rebels with the funds, arms, communication equipment and intelligence information crucial for their success, without the need for Western forces to intervene on the ground. Such a strategy can also help unite the insurgents in order to create a unified military response to Gaddafi’s army.